2018 ABC Value Framework

About America’s Blood Centers
America’s Blood Centers (ABC) is North America’s largest network of non-profit community blood centers, who collectively provide over half of the blood supply in the United States, operate more than 600 blood donation sites, produce over 12 million units of whole blood and blood components, and support over 3,500 hospitals and health care facilities. ABC and its member blood centers stand ready to work with lawmakers and regulators to promote the role of blood components within the healthcare system and confront the challenges ahead. 

Value of Blood in Your Community
The 2018 ABC Value Framework is built upon five core pillars that emphasize the contribution ABC member blood centers bring to their local communities and the nation’s public health system. 

  • ABC member blood centers ensure a safe and adequate blood supply, saving and improving the lives of millions of Americans each year;
  • ABC members promote the altruistic gift of blood from millions of individuals nationwide, maintaining a critical donor base and educating current and future generations on the need for blood;
  • ABC members re-invest in the health of their local communities through such things as cellular therapy services, transfusion medicine expertise, disease management programs, and research;
  • ABC members partner with federal, state, and local agencies to confront public health threats and promote medical and scientific innovation;
  • ABC members encourage competition in the market, ensuring value while controlling overall healthcare market expenditures for blood products. 

To maximize the value of community blood centers, ABC supports policies that: 

  • Recognize the value of blood products to the overall healthcare system through fair and adequate reimbursement;
  • Promote safety through strong evidence and risk-based decision-making;
  • Foster education initiatives related to the need for appropriate use of blood;
  • Reduce regulation that otherwise fails to promote reasonable safety, value add, or innovation;
  • Safeguard the viability of community blood centers through fair competition within the healthcare market, ensuring continued patient access to safe and appropriate blood products.