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…it means that, despite two major hurricanes in the past three weeks, ABC members assembled a quorum in Atlanta for a special members meeting and passed the bylaws changes needed to achieve the important realignment of ABC, Blood Centers of America (BCA), and HemeXcel. Despite logistical hurdles, 49 of 52 ABC members registered their votes, and an overwhelming majority of 97 percent supported the bylaws changes. Our thoughts and support go to the ABC centers and their staffs in Florida and Texas who endured the storms and now must manage their recovery. Their tasks make ours look a bit pedestrian. 

Thanks are owed to the leadership from all three organizations (members and staff both) in the working group who have crafted our realignment. The outgoing board has acted in the best interest of ABC, for which we gratefully recognize them. 

A new ABC Board of Directors has been constituted and consists of some of our best thinkers. Martin Grable, Delisa English, and Mike Parejko from BCA along with Jim AuBuchon, MD from HemeXcel have been retained for expertise and continuity. David Green and Bud Scholl are new members appointed from HemeXcel. John Armitage, MD, has accepted from BCA. 

Now we begin the work of squaring our aspirations with reality—aligning the activities of the organizations to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency moving forward. With the new structure in place, we will move to the work at hand: 

We want to thank all of the members of ABC for their support in this important initiative and look forward to the opportunity to continue to help member blood centers serve their communities.

Martin Grable; Board President; Louis Katz, MD; Chief Medical Officer; 

Posted: 09/15/2017 | By: Martin Grable, Board President & Louis Katz, MD, Chief Medical Officer | Permalink
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