Sudden Change is Not the Enemy

We would like to thank Christine Zambricki for her service to ABC members in support of their lifesaving mission- guaranteeing a safe and adequate blood supply is our bone marrow. Everyone needs to keep positive thoughts for favorable outcomes as she attends to important duties at home.

Change can be a bit chaotic. That said, ABC members and staff have levels of professionalism, expertise, and intellectual capacity that will keep us moving forward during changing times. The senior executive team, executive committee members, and the Board of Directors will maintain the importance and influence of the association in the blood community by remaining focused on our pillars-Scientific, Medical and Technical issues, education, data, and advocacy.

Leveraging our science, medical, and business data, along with the tremendous experience and good sense of our members remain the core of our regulatory and legislative advocacy missions-all of it focused on a sustainable blood supply, rational regulation, and the provision of exceptional healthcare. Educating a myriad of stakeholders about the world view of the independent, community-based blood center is central.

Alignment of ABC's efforts with the rest of the letter salad of the blood community (BCA, AABB, HemeXcel, et al) is our second focus-"they are us" and together we share a "big tent" in the largest sense. We commit the ABC team to doing all that it takes to be certain efforts are complementary, collaborative and non-overlapping. All of us will work together to assure the most efficient representation we can build, focused on a safe and sustainable blood supply.

From a personal standpoint, one of us was drifting toward semi-retirement (the other apparently is not), but is nevertheless flattered to have been asked to step in. We will make every effort to meet the needs of the association. You know how to reach us both.

Martin Grable; Board President; mgrable@cbcc.us   & Louis Katz, MD; Chief Medical Officer; lkatz@americasblood.org

Posted: 05/12/2017 | By: Martin Grable, Board President & Louis Katz, MD, Chief Medical Officer | Permalink
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