The Re-Birth of FABC

Pressed by fundamental changes in our industry, ABC conducted a strategic planning exercise two years ago and developed a clear definition of its priorities, including education, and brought renewed energy to our association. Soon, the need for a larger vision and relevance spread to the Foundation, which made supporting the ABC Professional Institute (API) the theme of its fundraising campaign. 

The concept of an industry resource dedicated to educating its employees, from basic knowledge expected of the frontline (Blood 101) to leadership and board development, was very well-received by our business partners. Amongst other things, it was big, it was bold, it was easy to understand, and it also differentiated FABC from what is often construed as a competing enterprise, the National Blood Foundation (NBF) of the AABB. Where the NBF is supporting research in transfusion science and medicine, the API is supporting the development of blood center employees and leadership-saving individual members the time and money needed to develop and maintain their own program by using a much wider base of knowledge and larger scope of expertise. Please note that the FABC will continue to focus on financially supporting the development of the API for ABC members for the time being. 

Our 18-month campaign was very successful, resulting in one of the strongest fundraising years in FABC history-so much so, that we decided to extend the campaign by three months to end June 30, 2016. As of today, I am delighted to report that we have crossed the half-million dollar mark! But we still need another $300,000 to reach our goal. One potential obstacle in achieving what will be a remarkable feat is our industry partners' perception that blood centers have been slow in supporting a project that will benefit them. I thank the many of you who have responded to my appeal and contributed at the individual or organizational level. But I am reaching out to those who are still pondering, 'Why?' If making a simple donation does not appeal to you, you might please consider participating in the upcoming golf tournament at the summer meeting in Hawaii. Or you may want to contribute in industry and join the FABC board. Finally, if you have concerns of any kind, please, express them so we can address them. 

Through the API, we have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help re-shape our industry. I hope you will seize the day.  

Pascal George; FABC Board President-Elect; pgeorge@cjbcblood.org

Posted: 05/13/2016 | By: Pascal George; FABC President-Elect | Permalink
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