Division Director

Hoxworth Blood Center
Cincinnati, OH

Hoxworth Blood Center seeks a qualified, experienced Division Director to maximize the blood products collected and increase our ability to deliver existing and new products to customers. This Senior Level Director reports directly to the COO. Primary responsibilities:  Eliminate inefficient processes, provide meaningful donor satisfaction data, collect new products for our donors, reduce products lost, ensure collection records are completed and issues are resolved within 24 hours, maximize donor operations so Hoxworth has a combination of blood products to resource share $650,000 in products by end of year one, increase recovered plasma sold and implement the collection of Source Plasma. Requirements: bachelor’s degree with nine (9) years of experience; or associate’s degree with at least eleven (11) years of experience. Degree must be in a related field and related experience requires at least five (5) years of direct supervision. Apply to http://www.uc.edu/hr/careers.html.