Medical Director

LifeShare Blood Centers
Shreveport, LA

LifeShare Blood Centers is looking for a Medical Director (MD or DO) with appropriate specialty, such as hematology or pathology. Prior blood banking experience helpful with 15+ years of experience as a physician or medical practitioner, either in private practice or in association with a major hospital or medical teaching institution. Must have knowledge of regulations, laws, statutes and standards pertaining to blood donation, disease testing, and blood compatibility, transfusion of blood and blood components, and patient or donor reactions. The Medical Director is responsible for providing medical support and consultation to all LifeShare Blood Center locations as needed concerning donors, donor reactions, physician or hospital requests, apheresis services and related procedures. The Medical Director investigates all suspected TTD’s and submits reports; reviews transfusion reaction reports and takes appropriate action; reviews all post-donation illness reports and makes decision concerning product disposition. The Medical Director reviews abnormal donor test results, including all HIV positive test results and makes notification to the donor. To apply, please go to http://www.lifeshare.org/careers.