Although an estimated 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood at any given time, less than 10 percent do so annually.* There are several ways individuals can contribute besides giving blood: by starting or joining a blood donation program, advocating for a safe and adequate blood supply, planning a blood drive, or contributing financially.

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Join a donation program

America’s Blood Centers helps to launch blood donation programs across the nation. You can join an existing program or start one at your school or company.

Host a blood drive at your school.
Plan a company-wide blood drive.
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4 Easy Steps

Thanks for your interest in setting up a blood drive, and the commitment to keeping your community’s blood supply safe and adequate. Start planning >

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Advocate for a safe and adequate blood supply

There are many different ways to contribute other than donating blood. Help us maintain a safe and adequate blood supply by contacting Congress to voice your support to our position on bills via: Advocate Now >

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Contribute to The Foundation for America's Blood Centers

Just like a blood donation may help save a life, a financial contribution allows blood centers to implement programs that help maintain a safe and adequate blood supply. Contribute Now >

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Advertise With Us

Advertising with America's Blood Centers is your #1 resource to reach, engage and meet key decision makers in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine. Learn more >



*W Riley, et al. The United States' potential blood donor pool: estimating the prevalence of donor-exclusion factors on the pool of potential donors. Transfusion 2007.