Thanks for your interest in setting up a blood drive, and the commitment to keeping your community’s blood supply safe and adequate. Please follow the steps below to get started on planning a drive within your community!

Step 1: Find Your Blood Center

Use the zip code locator box feature under the banner to find the community blood center in your area. Please Note: America's Blood Centers' member blood centers are independently owned and therefore each has an individualized name generally reflective of the area it serves. If you are unable to find a community blood center in your area when searching www.AmericasBlood.org, you may contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-Red Cross.

Step 2: Contact Blood Center In Advance

Call your local blood center at least 3 months in advance of your desired blood drive date; blood centers and blood drive coordinators will need ample planning time. Please leave room for flexibility in dates for the drive, as the blood center may have other promotions and drives scheduled during your requested time-frame. The more flexible your schedule, the more easily you and your local blood center can work together to plan a successful event! 

When contacting the blood center, ask to speak with the Donor Recruitment director or manager, they will be best equipped to help you with your request. 

Step 3: Discuss Ideas

Provide the blood center with a detailed overview of your program and any specific ideas you would like to see implemented with your blood drive. 

Step 4: Recruit Blood Donors

Work with your local blood center and donor recruitment staff to recruit blood donors within your community. Remember, not everyone is able to donate blood for various reasons, so you will need to recruit additional individuals to meet your goals.