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A Letter from the President

The landscape in health care is changing and America's Blood Centers must do more than simply adapt. We must determine what will gratify our member blood centers, now and in the future, leverage the strength of our core values, and integrate our capabilities to maximize member value. Not surprisingly the pace of change in how we interact with and support our hospitals, blood donors, and recipients continues at a brisk rate. Our member blood centers are demonstrating creativity and innovation in adapting. This competitive and economically challenging environment has transformed expectations, and the time is now for America's Blood Centers to be a leader at the forefront of this new era.

To that end, America's Blood Centers embarked on a strategic planning process that yielded a three-year plan that we unveiled in March 2014 to the membership. This plan utilizes our core values of Innovation, Data Integration, Education, and Advocacy as guiding principles to deliver value to our member blood centers, while we follow through on our mission: to help members better serve their communities. It will continue to guide us with renewed focus and energy to deliver on the priorities of our member blood centers.

GreenRelying on our member blood centers to be partners and work collaboratively, we can effectively usher America's Blood Centers into the future navigating these unchartered waters. Innovations will continue transforming how individuals go about their lives and trade organizations must innovate as well. The development of our strategic plan is an opportunity to disrupt ourselves in order to innovate and support the greatest good of the membership.

America's Blood Centers will continue to offer an excellent forum for exchanging ideas, inviting perspectives from other industries on new approaches, and facilitating a productive dialogue to design solutions that meet the needs of not only our member blood centers, but the hospitals, and patients they serve. Such collaboration will ensure that a successful outcome will never be out of reach.

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