Growing and diversifying America’s donor base and ensuring the long-term resilience of the nation's blood supply takes everyone.

Nearly five million patients rely on a safe and robust blood supply each year.

Someone needs blood every two seconds in America.

Promoting the value of blood helps patients, communities, and our healthcare system.

About Blood Advocacy Week

Blood Advocacy Week is a new initiative of America’s Blood Centers that will bring together members of the blood community, legislators, agency decisionmakers, advocates, providers, patients, and more to learn about and advance policies that promote the value of blood to patients, communities, and our healthcare system.


The Agenda

The below agenda for Blood Advocacy Week is available for download.

April 24

A Call to Action: Analyzing Trends Impacting the Nation’s Blood Supply and What Must Change Moving Forward

Join us to hear the current status of the nation’s blood supply and trends impacting the collection and utilization of blood. Speakers will include representatives from federal agencies, the blood community, the research community, and more.

April 25

Welcome Blood Donors: Promoting Awareness of New Eligibility Criteria

Join a robust group of stakeholders to discuss recent FDA donor deferral changes that impact hundreds of thousands of individuals previously deferred from donating blood. Learn about federal policy efforts to promote awareness and education about the new eligibility requirements as well as community approaches to welcome these donors.

April 26

Day on Capitol Hill (Virtual)

Join blood center employees from across the country in advocating on behalf of the blood center community with your members of Congress and their staff. ABC members only.

April 27

When Time Matters: Saving and Enhancing Lives Through Access to Blood

Studies have shown that thousands of lives can be saved and improved each year through early and increased access to blood, including in the pre-hospital and hospice settings. Learn more about how reimbursement and scope of practice must be changed to ensure access to blood for all.

April 28

It’s About Life: Why Donor Diversity is Critical to Patient Care

To ensure blood continues to be available for all patients in need, increased diversity - racial, ethnic, and age – is needed among blood donors. Hear patient stories to understand why blood donor diversity matters and work in Congress to address this critical need.

Join Us in this Important Work

Ensuring there's blood on the shelf when it's needed the most helps save the lives of your friends and neighbors - making it time especially well spent. But blood centers can't do this work alone. This week is a chance for everyone - from medical experts to community organizations - to come together and advocate for policies that support all those who rely on the lifesaving power of blood donation. Everyone can do something - sign up to learn how you can help as details are announced.


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