FEBRUARY 2024 Issue
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Blood Bulletin is a quarterly publication developed and authored by the America’s Blood Centers (ABC) Scientific, Medical, Technical Publications Committee. This publication is designed to be a resource to help inform hospitals, organizations, and other stakeholders of relevant and timely transfusion medicine topics including blood shortages, obstetric hemorrhage, and cryoprecipitate (cryo) and alternatives.

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Looking for a past issue?

An archive of the previous editions of the Blood Bulletin is also available below:

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Individual Donor Risk Assessment and Blood Safety

March 2023 Issue
Blood Bulletin

Directed Donations and COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Blood Donors

December 2022 Issue

To Wash Blood Components or Not  

October 2022 Issue

Cryoprecipitate (Cryo) and Alternatives

June 2022 Issue

Obstetric Hemorrhage—Are You Prepared?

MARCH 2022 Issue

Blood Shortages: How Can Hospitals Help?