Be an integral part of shaping the future of the blood community.

Join the ABC Corporate Partner Council and become part of our mission to promote collaboration, coordination, and connection throughout the blood community. As a Corporate Partner, you will have the opportunity to engage with blood center and industry leaders to discuss, strategize, and advance solutions to the most pressing needs and challenges in our field.

By joining the Corporate Partner Council, your company or organization will demonstrate a commitment to ABC's Mission and Vision, while also working closely with us to strengthen your brand and purpose. We will work with you to tailor an annual program that aligns with your goals and helps you reach your objectives.

Connect with us to learn more about the Council and how to make a meaningful difference in the blood community!

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Key Benefits

Corporate Partner Council members receive key benefits, including participation in bi-annual meetings, customized programs to meet specific business objectives, collaboration on national advocacy efforts, opportunities for content leadership at various events, increased exposure through networking and advertising to ABC members, complimentary attendance at webinars, and sponsor recognition at key ABC events.

ABC 2024 Priorities

Our Initiatives

Corporate Partners play a crucial role in advancing ABC's initiatives by contributing their industry expertise, resources, and strategic insights.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Ensure that your organization stands out by sponsoring ABC meetings, workshops, and more. Gain valuable exposure and build meaningful connections within the blood community. Learn how to showcase your commitment to the industry and support its professionals.

Corporate Partner Council Tiers

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Elite Partner

As an Elite Partner, you'll be at the forefront of driving industry innovation and progress. Your role goes beyond a membership - it's about shaping the future through tailored initiatives, gaining premium exposure to our influential network of members, and receiving elite recognition at our events throughout the year. Elevate your status, expand your influence, and make a substantial impact as an Elite Partner for just $50,000.

Premium Partner

With Premium Partner status, you not only unlock all the benefits of a Council Partner, but you also have the power to tailor a unique collaboration package that aligns perfectly with your company's goals and interests. Elevate your partnership experience and supercharge your impact with a customized plan designed just for you. Join us as a Premium Partner for only $25,000.

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Council Partner

Become a Council Partner and unlock a world of exclusive benefits! Gain privileged access to corporate partner meetings, ABC webinars, and elevate your status to Gold level at ABC meetings. Collaborate with us on impactful advocacy work and enjoy year-round recognition. Join us in making a difference today for just $15,000.

Start Shaping the Future of the Blood Community!

Interested in learning more or joining? Let us know. Join the Corporate Partner Council today and don't miss out on our inaugural in-person meeting at the ABC Annual Meeting on March 4-6, 2024. Don't wait to be a part of this exclusive opportunity to connect, collaborate, and shape the future of our industry!