Our Vision

A thriving blood center community ensuring safe and available blood for every patient in need.

Our Mission

Amplify and advance the contributions of community blood centers to individuals, communities, and the healthcare system. We accomplish our mission through advocacy, awareness, and collaboration.

America’s Blood Centers protects and advances our members’ interests by:

Advocating for laws and regulations recognizing the essential role that independent blood centers play in the healthcare system.

Promoting partnerships, policies and programs that increase awareness about the need for blood donation.

Serving as a thought-leader in the advancement of evidence-based medical and scientific solutions related to health and safety.

Our Values

Commitment and accountability to the public good and our members

Commitment beyond the law

Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals

Inclusiveness, social justice and respect for diversity

Transparency, integrity and honesty and responsible stewardship of resources

Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust