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A Letter from the President

Measuring value and executing our vision - these were our priorities over the past year as America's Blood Centers continued pursuing its mission of helping our member blood centers serve their community, while operating in a new, tumultuous environment. We remained focus on our core values that guide everything we do: Advocacy, Education, Data, and Innovation.

A new report that we issued to our member blood centers this year demonstrates exactly how we serve each individual blood center, as well as our accomplishments overall, within each of our four core values. America's Blood Centers' staff reported having 290 separate contacts with federal regulators, legislators, fellow affinity organizations, and other key decision-makers - employing collaborative, yet direct tactics to address regulatory and legislative issues that affect blood centers daily.

In the area of education, we hosted 27 webinars and initiated the new ABC Professional Institute, an online compendium of continuing education tools and resources for blood center professionals. In data excellence, our staff made significant progre

Our primary focus in innovation was revamping our approach in the way we provide services to America's Blood Centers' members, by continue to provide and measure value to our blood center members, as well cutting costs and increasing efficiencies.d centers, with the end-goal of supporting regulatory and legislative policy that suits the needs of member blood centers.ss data validation and preparing America's Blood Centers' Data Warehouse to onboard more member blood centers; the Data Warehouse collects a variety of data from bloo

Despite the amount of change introduced this past year, we held firm to the foundational elements of America's Blood Centers. Providing an open forum for our members to exchange ideas, conducting structured committee activities to formulate solutions to complex problems, and leveraging the collective strength of the membership to tackle emerging issues on a national scale have all been hallmarks of our association.

We should expect the coming year to present challenges similar to the past but at an

Green _ar 15 increasingly rapid pace as the forces of healthcare reform continue to reshape our world. The work of America's Blood Centers will be crucial for influencing the operating environment, with initiatives designed to: demonstrate the value of blood in a clear and compelling manner in order to articulate solutions for maintaining a strong national donor base; continue efforts to improve communication and coordination with regulators to help reduce costs; and institute the full scope of the new ABC Professional Institute. These and other efforts, aligned with our strategic plan, will enable us to achieve the results demanded by our mission.ation's heritage throughout its existence. These factors will continue to be crucial for our success. Our focus on change was designed to enhance these characteristics, sustain the engagement of our member blood centers, and align resources strategically to continue service excellence. We must work diligently to achieve a balance of new ideas and time-tested traditions to sustain a healthy, vibrant association.

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