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September 28, 2022
September 29, 2022



Be prepared to be inspired! The focus of this workshop will be on the Growth Mindset – and how, when applied to specific key areas can lead to exponential growth and results in our industry. We’re taking a deep dive into to the areas of growing talent, growing partnerships, and growing collections. Learn how you can begin to embrace the challenges our industry is facing, stay resilient in the face of difficulties, learn from constructive criticism, and seek out inspiration in others’ success. Join us for two days of featured speakers including Anne Grady-a speaker, bestselling author and #TruthBomb dropper, Curt Bailey, CEO of Bloodworks Northwest, and industry leaders in blood center leadership, collections, recruitment and marketing!>Do you have:

  • A curiosity, self-awareness and an open-minded approach to life and work;
  • a desire to remain relevant in a changing world;
  • dedication to continuous improvement and progression in life; and
  • resilience and the ability to learn from mistakes, take on board feedback and bounce back from setbacks.

If so this Masterclass workshop is for you!

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